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Can I apply a large purchase to be reimbursed over multiple months?

Allocating a big purchase over multiple months

First, check your categories guide or with your HR team to see if large purchases are allowed.

If so, then you can spread out a large purchase over multiple months for reimbursements. For example, if you purchase a treadmill for your at home gym for $2,000, but your benefit is $100/month, we will spread it out over the next 20 months until it is reimbursed in full.

There are 2 ways you can request a large purchase to be applied over multiple months:

1. You can request it in the description when manually reporting the purchase.

2. You can submit a support ticket with a copy of your receipt.


Please note that you will only get reimbursed while you're still with your company. If you leave the company at any point during the payoff period, your reimbursements will stop.