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How do I update the credit card that is linked to my Transaction Account in JOON?

Connecting and reconnecting credit and debit cards

Your Transaction Account is the credit or debit card connected to JOON via Plaid you plan to use to make eligible purchases within your approved categories for reimbursement.

Tip: You can have up to two cards linked to your Transaction Account.

To change your Transaction Account card(s), use the following steps:

  1. Login to your JOON account
  2. Click the menu icon in the top right corner and then go to Linked Accounts
  3. Click on the three dots to the right of Transaction Account and remove your card

  4. Hover over the account you want to remove and click Remove Card

  5. Then return to Linked Accounts and our system will walk you through linking a new card for your Transaction Account.

Note: Some credit cards are not supported by our third party service provider Plaid (including the Apple Credit Card and some credit union banks). If your card is not supported by Plaid, you can either link a separate card or you will have to manually report your purchases.