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When is the last day to report my purchases each month?

All purchases must be uploaded to your JOON dashboard for approval by the 3rd business day of the month.

The deadline to report and submit purchases for approval is the 3rd business day of the following month unless otherwise noted by your company’s policy.

Exact deadlines dates outlined below:  

January 2022 February 3rd, 2022
February 2022 March 3rd, 2022
March 2022 April 5th, 2022
April 2022 May 4th, 2022
May 2022 June 3rd, 2022
June 2022 July 4th, 2022
July 2022 August 3rd, 2022
August 2022 September 5th, 2022
September 2022 October 5th, 2022
October 2022 November 3rd, 2022
November 2022 December 5th, 2022
December 2022 January 4th, 2022

Note: If you make a purchase on your credit card linked to your account at the end of the month, we recommend manually reporting it since it may take a couple days for our system to pull the transaction into your JOON account!