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Exceeding a benefits allowance

You may see a message next to some eligible purchases that says "Approved but outside of your benefits"

You may see purchases crossed out in your JOON dashboard with a message stating: Approved but outside of your benefits, such as the following:

It does not mean your purchase isn't eligible. Instead, it means that you've already reached your full reimbursement allowance for the period. Any additional purchases within your benefit categories may be eligible but won't increase your reimbursement.

For example: If your monthly allowance toward Health & Wellness is $75 and you have a gym membership that was marked as eligible for $100 at the beginning of the month, then you have already met your $75 monthly reimbursement allowance. If you then decide to purchase a yoga class for $15 at the end of the month, that purchase will eligible but "outside your benefits" so you will not be reimbursed anything beyond the $75 allowance.