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Add a purchase manually

Add a receipt to requesting eligibility for a purchase made without a connected card

If you make a purchase with cash or a card isn't connected to your JOON account, you can always manually add a purchase to be reviewed for eligibility, following these steps:

  1. Once logged into JOON, click Add Purchase at the top of the page:
  2. Complete the fields in the modal and make sure to select the date of the purchase that matches the receipt. For example, if you are reporting a purchase from January 29th on February 1st, please select the date "January 29, 2022." Then click Add purchase.

  3. Your purchase will enter a status of pending with details about your request. Please allow for up to 3 business days for a decision.
  4. Our team will review the purchase and mark it as eligible, ineligible, or follow up for more details if there is insufficient information. You can filter and find purchases with a status of pending from the purchases page.

Note: You will receive an email reminder from JOON toward the end of each month to use your allowance, so you don't need to set a personal reminder to add purchases.