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When will I receive my reimbursement?

You can expect to receive reimbursements by the end of the following month!

Reimbursements are paid out by the end of the following month. The reimbursement schedule is dependent on your employers reviewal and payment timelines, but as soon as funds are made available JOON ensures rapid reimbursement to employees. You can generally expect to receive reimbursements by the end of the month after purchases are made.
The delay is so that there is enough time for:
  • All purchases to post to your account for review and approval
  • All employees to have an opportunity to upload receipts or request approvals
  • Your employer to review and pay the invoice which then triggers the reimbursements

    If you haven't received your reimbursement or think you may not be getting reimbursements, please confirm that you have a Deposit Account linked. Otherwise please submit a ticket with your information.