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Request ongoing reimbursements for a large purchase

Get reimbursed over time

You can request to have one large purchase at a time reimbursed up to your allowance across multiple future months. For example, if you purchase a treadmill for your at-home gym for $500, but your allowance is $100/month, you will receive $100 reimbursements each month for the next 5 months. 

Important Notes

  • Requesting ongoing reimbursements for large purchases are subject to your employer's criteria, and there may be minimum purchase amounts for eligibility. Purchase must be a minimum of 1.5x the monthly/quarterly allowance unless noted otherwise in your category guide.
  • You can only have one purchase with ongoing reimbursements at a time.
  • Reimbursements for ongoing purchases always take priority amongst eligible purchases. The maximum allowance will always be applied to the balance of the ongoing reimbursement until it is fully reimbursed.
  • Ongoing reimbursements continue so long as (i) you remain an eligible benefits recipient for the employer, and (ii) the employer maintains their benefits program with JOON.

There are two ways you can request a large purchase to be applied over multiple months:

1. You can request it when manually reporting the purchase.

request ongoing reimbursements modal

2. You can request it for a purchase already marked as eligible.

request ongoing reimbursements

You can see ongoing reimbursements that you're actively receiving on your All purchases page:

ongoing reimbursements-2