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Data storage, security, and privacy

How your purchase data is handled

When you connect a credit or debit card, JOON has access to purchases you've made with that card. When you connect a Direct Deposit account, JOON has the ability to transfer money to your bank account. 

In order to deliver a seamless experience, JOON integrates with market leaders in financial technology. We encourage you to review data privacy and security practices at Plaid (for connecting Cards) and Stripe (for connected Direct Deposit accounts). You can review JOON's entire Privacy Policy here. Below we outline our privacy practices:

Eligible purchases

Purchases that are eligible for reimbursement are stored securely and kept indefinitely for tax compliance reasons. Your employer has access to these purchases. You can find them by following these steps.

Eligible purchases have a green row color.

BR - eligible purchases


Ineligible purchases

Purchases that are not eligible for reimbursement are stored securely for 60 days and then promptly deleted. Your employer never has access to these purchases.

Ineligible purchases have rows with no background color.

BR - ineligible purchases

All purchases

In order to improve our services, we may aggregate and anonymize purchase data. We do not share or sell this data to any third parties.

Note: Unlike free social media products which generate revenue by monetizing your data, JOON relies exclusively on subscription revenue from your employer for administering their benefits program. We do not, never will, and have no incentive to share or sell your data. Plus, if you don’t feel comfortable connecting a card, you can always manually add individual eligible purchases with receipts to receive a reimbursement!